Reading Group

The Reading Group is comprised of student researchers from all TCIPG campuses who actively work on TCIPG research or have an interest in trustworthy cyber infrastructure for power grid. The purpose of this student-led group is to fill the knowledge disconnect between computer and power engineering. Sessions combine topics relevant to cybersecurity for the power grid from both engineering disciplines - thus providing a common knowledge base to facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The Reading Group also serves as a low-pressure setting for students to present preliminary research. During meetings, students have a chance to receive feedback on their work from peers in different disciplines, which is useful for synthesizing new ideas. Reading Group utilizes video conferencing technology on each of the TCIPG campuses and meets every Friday from noon-1PM/CT during the academic year. TCIPG students may also inquire with their specific campus about the option to receive 1 hour seminar credit for their participation.