Industry Interaction Board

The involvement of industry and other partners in the TCIPG project is vital to its success, and is facilitated by an Industry Interaction Board (IIB).

Our industry partners range from equipment vendors to energy providers and system operators at local and regional levels. They are expected to assist the project in identifying specific technology gaps and relevant policy initiatives that must be taken into account in order to successfully address electrical power information system requirements. Each partner organization has a senior manager or technical expert that regularly engages with TCIPG and attends our Annual Industry Workshop.

The partnership also includes an interface with government and industry agencies. Relevant agencies will include the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy (through FERC and the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions), EPRI, NERC, and government laboratories such as Sandia, Argonne, Oak Ridge, Lawrence Berkeley, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Industry partners are involved, over time, in the project's planning, research, education, and technology transfer activities, greatly extending the project's impact and ability to anticipate and meet critical national electrical power information system needs.


California ISO
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory