Frank Borth

Research Engineer (Power)
University of Illinois
fcbiii [at]

Frank Borth has worked in the electric industry since 1978 and has experienced nearly all aspects of the utility business. He was employed by a local rural electric cooperative until 1990 where he designed and maintained utility and distribution line equipment and worked on power lines and in substations. As co-installer of one of the first SCADA systems in the state, Frank encountered the first of many electronic systems he would work with throughout his career. His path included working for PSI Energy (Indiana) with their Generation Mechanical Testing and Analysis group, and for Commonwealth Edison in their Fossil Generating Division. At Commonwealth, Frank gained a significant amount of experience in data systems that continues to serve as the backbone of the ‘smart’ revolution. He also led projects for Commonwealth’s Nuclear and T&D divisions. Over the next decade, Frank worked as a utility consultant specializing in electronic systems which significantly increased his knowledge in utility processes. He spent five years working with Exelon’s Nuclear Information Systems group where he learned and improved security and sensing systems – the patterns of which are now working their way throughout Exelon Nuclear. Frank’s wealth of knowledge and experience now serve as a valuable resource for students and faculty at the Information Trust Institute. Frank holds degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Illinois State University and Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.