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Erkios: End-to-End Field-Based RAS Testing

Chávez, L.O., Bakken, D., Bose, A.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Charging Facility Planning for Electric Vehicles

Chang, S., Li, H., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

CPINDEX: Cyber-Physical Vulnerability Assessment for Power-Grid Infrastructures

Berthier, R., Srivastava, A., Vellaithurai, C., Zonouz, S.,
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

Interrupt-oriented Bugdoor Programming: A Minimalist Approach to Bugdooring Embedded Systems Firmware

Tan, S.J., Bratus, S., Goodspeed, T
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Real Time Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Power System

Biswas, S., Liu, R., Srivastava, A., Vellaithurai, C.
Year: 2014 | Type: Book or Chapter

A Maximum Entropy Approach to the Moment Closure Problem for Stochastic Hybrid Systems at Equilibrium

Zhang, J., DeVille, L., Dhople, S. V., Domínguez-García, A. D.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

On the Practicality of Detecting Anomalies with Encrypted Traffic in AMI

Berthier, R., Urbina, D., Cardenas, A., Guerrero, M., Herberg, U., Jetcheva, J., Mashima, D., Huh, J., Bobba, R.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

A Methodology to Analyze Conservation Voltage Reduction Performance Using Field Test Data

Liu, H.J., Macwan, R., Alexander, N., Zhu, H.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Portunes: Privacy-Preserving Fast Authentication for Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging

Li, H., Dan, G., Nahrstedt, K
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

A Risk Assessment Tool for Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Shawly, T., Liu, J., Burow, N., Bagchi, S., Berthier, R., Bobba, R.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

A Hybrid Network IDS for Protective Digital Relays in the Power Transmission Grid

Koutsandria, G., Muthukumar, V., Parvania, M., Peisert, S., McParland, C., Scaglione, A.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

The Pulse Coupled Phasor Measurement Units

Ferrari, L., Gentz, R., Scaglione, A., Parvania, M.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Secure Data Collection in Constrained Tree-Based Smart Grid Environments

Jin, H., Lui, K-S., Nahrstedt, K., Uludag, S.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Tamper Event Detection on Distributed Devices in Critical Infrastructure

Reeves, J., Smith, S.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings