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Tamper Detection on Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems

Reeves, J., Smith, S.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Memory Heat Map: Anomaly Detection in Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Memory Behavior

Choi, J., Mohan, S., Sha, L., Yoon, M.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Multi-Receiver Vector Tracking Based on a Python Platform

Gao, G., Ng, Y.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Integrated Simulation to Analyze the Impact of Cyber-Attacks on the Power Grid

Liu, R., Srivastava, A.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Software-Defined Networking for Smart Grid Resilience: Opportunities and Challenges

Dong, X., Lin, H.,Tan, R., Iyer, R., Kalbarczyk, Z.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Consensus on State and Time: Decentralized Regression with Asynchronous Sampling

Scaglione, A., Wai, H.
Year: 2015 | Type: Journal Article

Analyzing the Cyber-Physical Impact of Cyber Events on the Power Grid

Liu, R., Vellaithurai, C., Biswas, S., Gamage, T., Srivastava, A.
Year: 2015 | Type: Journal Article

Never Mind Pearl Harbor—What about a Cyber Love Canal?

Smith, S., Erickson, J.
Year: 2015 | Type: Journal Article

A Test Bed for Digital I&C and Cyber Security for NPPs

An, Y., Sollima, C., Uddin, R., Chen, D., Kalbarczyk, Z., Yardley, T., Sanders, W. H.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Synchrophasor Visualizer

Kirihara, K., Reinhard, K., Liu, Y., Sauer, P.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Low Voltage Micro-Phasor Measurement Unit (μPMU)

Pinte, B., Quinlan, M., Reinhard, K.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Erkios: End-to-End Field-Based RAS Testing

Chávez, L.O., Bakken, D., Bose, A.
Year: 2015 | Type: Proceedings

Charging Facility Planning for Electric Vehicles

Chang, S., Li, H., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

CPINDEX: Cyber-Physical Vulnerability Assessment for Power-Grid Infrastructures

Berthier, R., Srivastava, A., Vellaithurai, C., Zonouz, S.,
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

Interrupt-oriented Bugdoor Programming: A Minimalist Approach to Bugdooring Embedded Systems Firmware

Tan, S.J., Bratus, S., Goodspeed, T
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Real Time Modeling and Simulation of Cyber-Power System

Biswas, S., Liu, R., Srivastava, A., Vellaithurai, C.
Year: 2014 | Type: Book or Chapter

A Maximum Entropy Approach to the Moment Closure Problem for Stochastic Hybrid Systems at Equilibrium

Zhang, J., DeVille, L., Dhople, S. V., Domínguez-García, A. D.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings