Smart Meter Research Platform

photo of smart meter equipmentIn order to conduct realistic experiments on hardware intrusion detection, a real embedded system device must be used. The Smart Meter Research Platform was developed by TCIPG alumnus Nathan Edwards to emulate an AMI smart meter environment, collect empirical data, and enable the study of embedded system questions within a realistic context. The platform provided the basic functionalities of the smart meter without energy usage sampling capability. This alleviated some of the dangers of working with the high energy of a real meter. The smart meter research platform also provided flexibility to interact with the device over USB or over radios of different technologies. This system, shown in the photo, makes use of four reprogrammable microprocessors which allow for software emulation of the basic internal functions of a smart meter: front-end microprocessor, metering engine, optical port IC, and data storage IC. The device also allows for custom software to be installed on the microprocessors, which can enable specific research experiments. Additionally there are several connection pins that allow for electrical characterization of the inter-chip communication and device power usage.

Research Demo:

AMI Hardware Intrusion: Demo of an advanced metering infrastructure hardware intrusion detection presented by Nathan Edwards during the TCIPG Industry Workshop in November 2011.

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