Amilyzer is a specification-based intrusion detection sensor that can be deployed in the field of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to identify security threats in real time. The Amilyzer sensor monitors traffic among meters and access points at the network, transport, and application layers to ensure that devices are running in a secure state and their operations respect a specified security policy. It does this by implementing a set of constraints on transmissions made using the C12.22 standard protocol to ensure that all violations of the specified security policy will be detected. The soundness of these constraints is verified using a formal framework.


IDS and Automated Response for AMI: Presented by Robin Berthier
and Ahmed Fawaz during the TCIPG Industry Workshop in October 2012.

Specification-based IDS for AMI: Presented by Robin Berthier during
the TCIPG industry workshop in November 2011.

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