Outreach Tools

idea chart with lightbulgs on chalkboardTCIPG offers a variety of educational tools for use in the home, classroom, and community. All resources were developed or produced in coordination with the Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Questions about TCIPG educational and outreach materials may be directed to sebestik [at] illinois.edu (Jana Sebestik).

Posters and Trading Cards

Features power and energy images. Posters can be printed (landscape) on 11"x17" paper. Trading cards trim to 4"x3.5" and include facts for the reverse side of the pictured energy source or type. For extra durability, print on 8.5"x11" heavy stock and laminate before trimming down to size.
poster images

Interactive Kits and Modelsimages interactive kits and models

  • Solar House Kits - super fun activity for use in the classroom or to send home with students so they can "teach their family!" PDF includes a materials list, solar house blueprint, and instructions on how to build and power the house. 
  • Solar Car Kits - the possibilities are endless with this kit idea! PDF includes a suggested list of materials and guidance on how to design and build toy solar cars. Individuals or small groups can choose their design (from available materials) and test how fast (speed) or how long and far (efficiency/durability) they can power their cars.
  • PowerPark - this modern twist on the science kit encourages aspiring power engineers and urban planners to design and power a neighborhood filled with homes, a school, substations, shops and more. Includes cards for directed play (Info, Task, Challenge, Prototyping) as well as extra copper tape, LEDs, additional buildings, and more to allow for extended play. More info coming soon on how to produce your own PowerPark set.
  • Smarter Electric Grid Model - demonstrates how components of a smart grid detect fault and correct flow of electricity in order to maintain normal operating conditions a "local" neighborhood. More info coming soon on how to produce your own model.

Partnerships and Connections

TCIPG partners with local, state, and national efforts to increase education and awareness in schools and the community.

solar playhouse