street signs at crossroads of energy and industrial drivesBuilding a smarter, more resilient grid requires an educated and adaptable workforce that can address many challenges associated with this progressive and exciting field. TCIPG offers a variety of professional development programs and resources for new and current practitioners.

Summer School

Our week-long, intensive summer schools provide practitioners with essential principles of cybersecurity and power grid systems, with an emphasis on understanding how to apply these concepts to an evolving, smarter energy system. Participants may qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Professional Master's Degree Programs

Two of TCIPG's academic institutions offer master's education programs aimed at professionals working in power and energy systems:

Annual Industry Workshop

One way to stay informed about current challenges and topics in cybersecurity for power and smart grids is to participate on our industry interaction board and attend our annual industry workshop. Participants may also qualify for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Seminar Series on Technologies for a Resilient Power Grid

Our monthly seminar series is broadcast live on the web during the academic year and archived on YouTube.

Short Courses, Workshops, Hands-On Training

TCIPG is regularly invited to present workshops and short courses to small groups of utility, industry vendors, and government stakeholders. We are also developing a training platform that facilitates the rapid education of a wide variety of participants on important aspects of smart grid cyber security.