Sibin Mohan

Research Scientist
University of Illinois
sibin [at]

Dr. Sibin Mohan is a Research Scientist in the Information Trust Institute at the University of Illinois. His research interests are in computer systems, particularly the areas of embedded and cyber-physical systems (CPS) and security. He is involved in a number of projects that aim to apply system-specific concepts (especially from the cyber-physical viewpoint) to detect problems in embedded and control systems such as those used in the power grid, automobiles, avionics, etc. Specific projects in which he is currently involved include (a) development of secure architectures for embedded real-time system; (b) development of intrusion detection mechanisms for embedded devices (e.g. nodes in SCADA and other real-time control systems, mobile devices, etc.) and (c) the integration of security constraints and real-time scheduling. Mohan received his Ph.D. (2008) and M.S. (2004) in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University (2001). He completed his postdoctoral work in the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.