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GUTS: A Framework for Adaptive and Configurable Grid User Trust Service

Dionysiou, I., Gjermundrød, H., H., Bakken, D.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

VM-based Security Overkill: A Lament for Applied Systems Security Research

Bratus, S., Locasto, M., Ramaswamy, A., Smith, S. W.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Analysis of Credential Stealing Attacks in an Open Networked Environment

Sharma, A., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R., Barlow, J.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

On Malicious Data Attacks on Power System State Estimation

Kosut, O., Jia, L., Thomas, R. J., Tong, L.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Low Cost and Secure Smart Meter Communications Using the TV White Spaces

Fatemieh, O., Chandra, R., Gunter, C. A.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Quantifying the Variable Effects of Systems with Demand Response Resources

Kowli, A., Gross, G.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Smart Generation and Transmission with Coherent, Real-Time Data

Bakken, D., Bose, A., Hauser, C., Schweitzer, E., Whitehead, D., Zweigle, G.
Year: 2010 | Type: Technical Report

Lossless Compression of Synchronized Phasor Measurements

Klump, R., Agarwal, P., Tate, J. E., Khurana, H.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Progress Towards a Resilient Power Grid Infrastructure

Sanders, W. H.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

The Smart Grid and PMUs: Operational Challenges and Opportunities

Overbye, T. J., Weber, J. D.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Online Assessment of Fault Current Considering Substation Topologies

Zhang, Y., Bose, A.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

On the Consistency of Distributed Proofs with Hidden Subtrees

Lee, A., Minami, K., Winslett, M.
Year: 2010 | Type: Journal Article

Generating Statistically Correct Random Topologies for Testing Smart Grid Communication and Control Networks

Wang, Z., Scaglione, A., Thomas, R. J.
Year: 2010 | Type: Journal Article

An Authenticated Control Framework for Distributed Voltage Support on the Smart Grid

Rogers, K. M., Klump, R., Khurana, H., Aquino-Lugo, A. A., Overbye, T. J.
Year: 2010 | Type: Journal Article

Efficient Gigabit Ethernet Switch Models for Large-scale Simulation

Jin, K., Nicol, D., Caesar, M.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings