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Power Grid Simulation, Evaluation, and Test Framework

Bergman, D. C.
Year: 2010 | Type: M.S. Thesis

Diagnostic Powertracing for Sensor Node Failure Analysis

Khan, M. M. H., Le, H. K., LeMay, M., Moinzadeh, P., Wang, L., Yang, Y., Noh, D. K., Abdelzaher, T., Gunter, C. A., Han, J., Jin, X.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Detecting False Data Injection Attacks on DC State Estimation

Bobba, R. B., Rogers, K. M., Wang, Q., Khurana, H., Nahrstedt, K., Overbye, T. J.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Secure Collaborative Sensing for Crowdsourcing Spectrum Data in White Space Networks

Fatemieh, O., Chandra, R., Gunter, C. A.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

High Security with Low Latency in Legacy SCADA

Solomakhin, R., Tsang, P., Smith, S. W.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

MIS: Malicious Nodes Identification Scheme in Network-coding-based Peer-to-Peer Streaming

Wang, Q., Vu, L., Nahrstedt, K., Khurana, H.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Analysis of Security Data from a Large Computing Organization

Sharma, A., Kalbarczyk, Z., Barlow, J., Iyer, R.
Year: 2010 | Type: Technical Report

Katana: A Hot Patching Framework for ELF Executables

Ramaswamy, A., Bratus, S., Smith, S. W., Locasto, M.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Smart-Grid-Enabled Load and Distributed Generation as a Reactive Resource

Rogers, K. M., Klump, R., Khurana, H., Overbye, T. J.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Exploring a Tiered Architecture for NASPInet

Bobba, R., Heine, E., Khurana, H., Yardley, T.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Experiences Validating the Access Policy Tool in Industrial Settings

Nicol, D. M., Sanders, W. H., Seri, M., Singh, S.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Design Principles for Power Grid Cyber-Infrastructure Authentication Protocols

Khurana, H., Bobba, R., Yardley, T., Agarwal, P., Heine, E.
Year: 2010 | Type: Proceedings

Toward a Resilient Smart Grid

Sanders, W.
Year: 2010 | Type: Other

Application of Trusted Network Technology to Industrial Control Network

Okhravi, H., Nicol, D. M.
Year: 2008 | Type: Proceedings

On Modeling Random Topology Power Grids for Testing Decentralized Network Control Strategies

Wang, Z., Scaglione, A., Thomas, R. J.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

ABUSE: PKI for Real-World Email Trust

Masone, C., Smith, S. W.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

The Virtual Power System Testbed and Inter-Testbed Integration

Bergman, D. C., Jin, D., Nicol, D. M., Yardley, T.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Modular Over-the-Wire Configurable Security for Long-Lived Critical Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

Solum, E., Hauser, C., Bakken, D., Chakravarthy, R.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings