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RRE: A Game-Theoretic Intrusion Response and Recovery Engine

Zonouz, S., Khurana, H., Sanders, W., Yardley, T.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

An End-to-end Approach for the Automatic Derivation of Application-Aware Error Detectors

Lyle, G., Chen, S., Pattabiraman, K., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

TrustBuilder2: A Reconfigurable Framework for Trust Negotiation

Lee, A. J., Winslett, M., Perano, K. J.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Safety in Discretionary Access Control for Logic-based Publish-subscribe Systems

Minami, K., Borisov, N., Gunter, C. A.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

National Report on Research Directions for Future Cyber Physical Energy Systems

Domínguez-Garcia, A. D. (contributor)
Year: 2009 | Type: Other

Distributed Proof Systems for Cross-Domain Authorization

Minami, K., Kotz, D.
Year: 2009 | Type: Book or Chapter

Discovering Application-level Insider Attacks using Symbolic Execution

Pattabiraman, K., Nakka, N., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Multiple-Element Contingency Screening

Davis, C.
Year: 2009 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Budget Constrained Optimal Security Hardening of Control Networks for Critical Cyber-infrastructures

Anwar, Z., Montanari, M., Gutierrez, A., Campbell, R. H.
Year: 2009 | Type: Journal Article

Time Valid One-Time Signature for Time-Critical Multicast Data Authentication

Wang, Q., Khurana, H., Huang, Y., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Transmission System Visualization for the Smart Grid

Overbye, T. J.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Analyzing NASPInet Data Flows

Hasan, R., Bobba, R., Khurana, H.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Two-level PMU-based Linear State Estimator

Yang, T., Sun, H., Bose, A.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

PBES: A Policy Based Encryption System with Application to Data Sharing in the Power Grid

Bobba, R., Khurana, H., AlTurki, M., Ashraf, F.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Confidentiality-Preserving Distributed Proofs of Conjunctive Queries

Lee, A. J., Minami, K., Borisov, N.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings

Authenticated Streamwise On-line Encryption

Tsang, P., Solomakhin, R. V., Smith, S. W.
Year: 2009 | Type: Technical Report

SMOCK: A Scalable Method of Cryptographic Key Management for Mission-Critical Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

He, W., Huang, Y., Sathyam, R., Nahrstedt, K., Lee, W. C.
Year: 2009 | Type: Journal Article

Linear Analysis of Multiple Outage Interaction

Davis, C., Overbye, T.
Year: 2009 | Type: Proceedings