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Smart Grids: Clouds, Communications, Open Source, and Automation

Bakken, D., Iniewski, K. (eds)
Year: 2014 | Type: Book or Chapter

Searchable Encrypted Mobile Meter

Quinlan, C.
Year: 2014 | Type: Senior Honors Thesis

GCS 2.0: Improved Simulation of PKI in the Smart Grid

Antoniv, I.
Year: 2013 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

A Gap Analysis of Cyber Security Training for the Smart Grid

Yardley, T.
Year: 2014 | Type: M.S. Thesis

A Trust Modeling Framework with Application to Critical Infrastructures

Wang, Y., Gamage, T., Hauser, C.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

VMDedup: Memory De-duplication in Hypervisor

Shaikh, F., Yao, F., Gupta I., Campbell, R.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Speaking the Local Dialect: Exploiting Differences Between IEEE 802.15.4 Receivers with Commodity Radios for Fingerprinting, Targeted Attacks, and WIDS Evasion

Jenkins, I., Shapiro, R., Bratus, S., Goodspeed, T., Speers, R., Dowd, D.
Year: 2014 | Type: Technical Report

A Framework for Phasor Measurement Placement in Hybrid State Estimation Via Gauss-Newton

Li, X., Scaglione, A., and Chang, T.-H.
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

Fingerprinting IEEE 802.15.14 Devices with Commodity Radios

Jenkins, I.R., Shapiro, R., Bratus, S., Speers, R.
Year: 2014 | Type: Technical Report

Developer-Resistant Cryptography

Cairns, K., Steel, G.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Visualizing NISTIR 7628, Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security

Harvey, M., Long, D., Reinhard, K.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

A One-Phase Distribution Level Phasor Measurement Unit for Post-Event Analysis

Pinte, B., Quinlan, M., Yoon, A., Reinhard, K., Sauer, P.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

Investigating Synchrophasor Data Quality Issues

Kirihara, K., Yoon, A., Reinhard, K.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

A Parallel Network Simulation and Virtual-Time-Based Network Emulation Testbed

Jin, D., Zheng, Y., Nicol, D.M.
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

Reliable GPS-based timing for power systems: A multi-layered multi-receiver architecture

Bobba, R., Dominguez-Garcia, A., Gao, G., Heng, L., Makela, J., Sanders, W.
Year: 2014 | Type: Proceedings

RRE: A Game-Theoretic Intrusion Response and Recovery Engine

Zonouz, S.A., Khurana, H., Sanders, W.H., Yardley, T.
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

SOCCA: A Security-Oriented Cyber-physical Contingency Analysis in Power Infrastructures

Zonouz, S., Davis, M., Davis, K., Berthier, R., Bobba, R.B., Sanders, W.
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article

Beyond Planted Bugs in "Trusting Trust": The Input-Processing Frontier

Bratus, S., Darley, T., Locasto, M., Patterson, M.L., Shapiro, R., Shubina, A.
Year: 2014 | Type: Journal Article