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Impacts of application lookahead on distributed network emulation

Zheng, Y., Jin, D., Nicol, D.M.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Context-sensitive Key Management For Smart Grid Telemetric Devices

Tabassum, R.
Year: 2013 | Type: M.S. Thesis

Monitoring Advanced Metering Infrastructures with Amilyzer

Berthier, R., Sanders, W.H.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Customer-centric Energy Usage Data Management and Sharing in Smart Grid Systems

Lahoti, G., Mashima, D., Chen, W.P.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Toward a Cyber-Physical Topology Language: Applications to NERC CIP Audit

Weaver, G.A., Cheh, C., Rogers, E. J., Sanders, W.H., Gammel, D.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Semantic Security Analysis of SCADA Networks to Detect Malicious Control Commands in Power Grids

Lin, H., Slagell, A., Kalbarczyk, Z., Sauer, P., Iyer, R.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Efficient Targeted Key Subset Retrieval in Fractal Hash Sequences

Cairns, K., Gamage, T., Hauser, C.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Convergence and Applications of a Gossip-based Gauss-Newton Algorithm

Li, X., Scaglione, A.
Year: 2013 | Type: Journal Article

SELINDA: A Secure, Scalable and Lightweight Data Collection Protocol for Smart Grids

Dan, G., Lui, K., Tabassum, R., Zhu, Q., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Confidentiality-preserving Obfuscation for Cloud-based Power System Contingency Analysis

Vukovic, O., Dan, G., Bobba, R. B.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Malicious Data Detection in State Estimation Leveraging System Losses & Estimation of Perturbed Parameters

Niemira, W., Bobba, R.B., Sauer, P., Sanders, W.H.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Blind Topology Identification for Power Systems

Li, X., Poor, H. V., Scaglione, A.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

SECPSIM: A Training Simulator for Cyber-Power Infrastructure Security

Vellaithurai, C., Srivastava, A., Zonouz, S.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Flexible Data Authentication Evaluated for the Smart Grid

Cairns, K., Hauser, C., Gamage, T.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Reconciling Security Protection and Monitoring Requirements in Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Berthier, R., Jetcheva, J. G., Mashima, D., Huh, J. Ho, Grochocki, D., Bobba, R., Cárdenas, A.A., Sanders, W.H.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Prevention of Malware Propagation in AMI

Park, Y., Nicol, D.M., Zhu, H., Lee, C.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

FADEC: Fast Authentication for Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging

Li, H., Dán, G., Nahrstedt, K.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Mitigating Event Confidentiality Violations in Smart Grids: An Information Flow Security-Based Approach

Gamage, T., Roth, T., McMillin, B., Crow, M.
Year: 2013 | Type: Journal Article