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Effects of Various Uncertainty Sources on Automatic Generation Control Systems

Apostolopoulou, D., Chen, Y.C., Zhang, J., Dominguez-Garcia, A.D., Sauer, P.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Network-Simulation-Based Evaluation of Smart Grid Applications

Jin, D.
Year: 2013 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Large-Scale and High-Fidelity Wireless Network Simulation and Emulation

Zheng, Y.
Year: 2013 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Asynchronous Hardware-Enforced Memory Safety

Tseng, K-Y.
Year: 2013 | Type: M.S. Thesis

On-Chip Control Flow Integrity Check for Real Time Embedded Systems

Abad, F. A. T., Woude, J. V. d., Lu, Yi, Bak, S., Caccamo, M., Sha, L., Mancuso, R., Mohan, S.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

The Page-Fault Weird Machine: Lessons in Instruction-less Computation

Bangert, J., Bratus, S., Shapiro, R., Smith, S.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Spoofing GPS Receiver Clock Offset of Phasor Measurement Units

Jiang, X., Zhang, J., Harding, B., Makela, J., Dominguez-Garcia, A.D.
Year: 2013 | Type: Journal Article

SCAPACH: Scalable Password-Changing Protocol for Smart Grid Device Authentication

Tabassum, R., Nahrstedt, K., Rogers, E., Lui, K.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Cyber-Power System Analysis Using a Real Time Test Bed

Vellaithurai, C.
Year: 2013 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Cloud Computing for the Power Grid: From Service Composition to Assured Clouds

Dan, G., Bobba, R., Gross, G., Campbell, R.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Optimal Sensor Placement for Hybrid State Estimation in Smart Grid

Li, X., Scaglione, A., Chang, T-H
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Robust Collaborative State Estimation for Smart Grid Monitoring

Li, X., Scaglione, A.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Utilizing the Cloud as a Utility for the Advanced Power Grid

Gamage, T., Anderson, D., Bakken, D., Birman, K., Bose, A., Hauser, C., Maheshwari, K, van Renesse, R.
Year: 2013 | Type: Book or Chapter

Parallel Simulation of Software Defined Networks

Jin, D., Nicol, D.M.,
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

ELFbac: Using the Loader Format for Intent-Level Semantics and Fine-Grained Protection

Bangert, J., Bratus, S., Shapiro, R., Locasto, M.E., Reeves, J., Smith, S.W., Shubina, A.
Year: 2013 | Type: Technical Report

Dependable Cyber-Physical Systems through Control Flow Monitoring

Woude, J. V. d.
Year: 2013 | Type: Senior Honors Thesis