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SecureCore: A Multicore-based Intrusion Detection Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Systems

Yoon, M. K., Mohan, S., Choi, J., Kim, J.E., Sha, L.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

S3A: Secure System Simplex Architecture for Enhanced Security and Robustness of Cyber-Physical Systems

Mohan, S., Bak, S., Betti, E., Yun, H., Sha, L., Caccamo, M.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Security-Policy Analysis with eXtended Unix Tools

Weaver, G.
Year: 2013 | Type: Ph.D. Dissertation

Modeling Cyber-Physical Vulnerability of the Smart Grid with Incomplete Information

Srivastava, A., Morris, T., Ernster, T., Vellaithurai, C., Pan, S., Adhikari, U
Year: 2013 | Type: Journal Article

Smart Grid Protocol Testing Through Cyber-Physical Testbeds

Yardley, T., Berthier, R., Nicol, D.M., Sanders, W.H.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Enhanced Measurement-Based Dynamic Equivalence Using Coherency Identification

Kim, S., Overbye, T.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Adapting Bro into SCADA: Building a Specification-based Intrusion Detection System for the DNP3 Protocol

Lin, H., Slagell, A., Di Martino, C., Kalbarczyk, Z., Iyer, R.
Year: 2013 | Type: Proceedings

Validation of Application Behavior on a Virtual Time Integrated Network Emulation Testbed

Zheng, Y., Jin, D., Nicol, D.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

XUTools: UNIX Commands for Processing Next-Generation Structured Text

Weaver, G., Smith, S.W.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

Networked Loads in the Distribution Grid

Wang, Z., Li, X., Muthukumar, V., Scaglione, A., Peisert, S., McParland, C.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

SCPSE: Security-Oriented Cyber-Physical State Estimation for Power-Grid Critical Infrastructures

Zonouz, S., Rogers, K.M., Berthier, R., Bobba, R.B., Sanders, W.H., Overbye, T.J.
Year: 2012 | Type: Journal Article

AMI Threats, Intrusion Detection Requirements and Deployment Recommendations

Grochocki, D., Huh, J.H., Berthier, R., Bobba, R., Sanders, W.H., Cardenas, A., Jetcheva, J.G.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

Power Flow Cyber Attacks and Perturbation-Based Defense

Davis, K.R., Morrow, K.L., Bobba, R., Heine, E.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

Cost Modeling of Response Actions for Automated Response and Recovery in AMI

Fawaz, A., Berthier, R., Sanders, W. H.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

Perimeter-Crossing Buses: A New Attack Surface for Embedded Systems

Bratus, S., Goodspeed, T., Johnson, P. C., Smith, S., Speers, R.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings

Security and Cognitive Bias: Exploring the Role of the Mind

Smith, S.W.
Year: 2012 | Type: Journal Article

Mixed Power Flow Analysis Using AC and DC Models

Kim, S., Overbye, T.J.
Year: 2012 | Type: Journal Article

Pulse Coupled Discrete Oscillators Dynamics for Network Scheduling

Ashkiani, S., Scaglione, A.
Year: 2012 | Type: Proceedings