photo of smart meter equipmentCountering threats to the nation’s cyber systems, including both conventional information technology systems and cyber systems in critical infrastructure, has become a major strategic objective. Smart grid technologies promise advances in efficiency, reliability, integration of renewable energy sources, customer involvement, and new markets. To realize those benefits, the grid relies on a cyber measurement and control infrastructure that includes components ranging from smart appliances to automated generation control.

TCIPG research has produced important results and innovative technologies in the following areas:

In addition to those four clusters of closely interrelated research, TCIPG invests in cross-cutting research efforts that address and involve Education and Engagement, Testbed Initiatives, and Industry Interaction and Technology Transfer.

Research Posters and Fact Sheets

Visit the specific TCIPG activity to download a current fact sheet as well as research posters presented at our annual industry workshops. Below are links to poster session archives from past industry workshops:

Fact Sheet books from industry workshops are also available for download (see next section).

Other Materials

Related Projects

TCIPG researchers are also involved in a wide variety of other projects related to the smart grid and energy delivery systems.