Image representing TCIPG Education - Person powering earth.Education and Engagement

Securing a smarter grid of the future involves an engaged and informed society. TCIPG approaches this challenge on many levels. Our weeklong, intensive summer schools offer academics and practitioners essential principles of cybersecurity and power grid systems with an emphasis on understanding how to apply these concepts to an evolving, smarter energy system. We’ve also developed some interactive learning tools that are popular with the public across many age groups. Our online, iPad, and Android apps offer engaging options for exploring and learning about energy sources, power generation, and power distribution. Classroom ready supplements, science kits, and tabletop displays provide fun and interactive ways to illustrate math and science in the context of electricity and the power grid. Visit our Education section of the website to learn more.

image of display panel on testbed equipmentTestbed Initiatives

Experimental validation is critical for emerging research and technologies. The testbed supports TCIPG researchers by providing a combination of emulation, simulation, and real hardware to realize a large-scale, virtual environment that is measurable, repeatable, flexible, and adaptable to emerging technology while maintaining integration with legacy equipment. Its capabilities span transmission, distribution & metering, distributed generation, and home automation and control – providing true end-to-end capabilities for the smart grid. The testbed enables researchers to conduct, validate, and evolve cyber-physical research from fundamentals to prototype, and finally, transition to practice. Visit our Testbed section of the website to learn more.

Industry Interaction and Technology Transfer

industry wordleTCIPG is unique in the strength of our bonds with the power industry, security industry, and regulatory agencies, ensuring real-world applicability of new technologies resulting from our research. Our Industry Interaction Board (IIB) is comprised of equipment and technology vendors, energy providers, and system operators at local and regional levels, as well as national labs, government, and regulatory agencies. They provide access to equipment or data, R&D collaboration, pilot deployment, and feedback or insight via our annual industry workshop that focuses on addressing key challenges and problems for developing a resilient power grid. Their involvement contributes to TCIPG planning, research, education, and technology transfer activities, greatly extending our impact and ability to anticipate and meet critical national electrical power information system needs. Visit our Industry section of the website to learn more.