May 2: Richard Smith, Director of Corporate Research and Development, Ameren

    Apr. 4: Jeff Gooding, IT Principal Manager, Smart Grid Systems Engineering, Southern California Edison
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    Two of TCIPG’s academic institutions recently announced master’s education programs aimed at professionals working in power and energy systems.

    TCIPG Assistant Director of Testbed Services to lead DOE-funded effort.

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Featured Publications

Fingerprinting IEEE 802.15.14 Devices with Commodity Radios

Jenkins, I.R., Shapiro, R., Bratus, S., Speers, R.

Toward a Cyber-Physical Topology Language: Applications to NERC CIP Audit

Weaver, G.A., Cheh, C., Rogers, E. J., Sanders, W.H., and Gammel, D.

Blind Topology Identification for Power Systems

Li, X., Poor, H. V., and Scaglione, A.

A Framework for Phasor Measurement Placement in Hybrid State Estimation Via Gauss-Newton

Li, X., Scaglione, A., and Chang, T.-H.

SOCCA: A Security-Oriented Cyber-physical Contingency Analysis in Power Infrastructures

Zonouz, S., Davis, M., Davis, K., Berthier, R., Bobba, R.B., Sanders, W.

SELINDA: A Secure, Scalable and Lightweight Data Collection Protocol for Smart Grids

Dan, G., Lui, K., Tabassum, R., Zhu, Q., Nahrstedt, K.

FADEC: Fast Authentication for Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging

Li, H., Dán, G., Nahrstedt, K.

Flexible Data Authentication Evaluated for the Smart Grid

Cairns, K., Hauser, C., Gamage, T.

Efficient Targeted Key Subset Retrieval in Fractal Hash Sequences

Cairns, K., Gamage, T., Hauser, C.

Semantic Security Analysis of SCADA Networks to Detect Malicious Control Commands in Power Grids

Lin, H., Slagell, A., Kalbarczyk, Z., Sauer, P., and Iyer, R.

Monitoring Advanced Metering Infrastructures with Amilyzer

Berthier, R., and Sanders, W.H.

Context-sensitive Key Management For Smart Grid Telemetric Devices

Tabassum, R.

Smart-Grid-Enabled Distributed Reactive Power Support with Conservation of Voltage Reduction

Liu, H.J.

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  • 2014 Industry Workshop

    November 12-13, 2014 - Champaign, Illinois. Power, utility, and cybersecurity industries, national labs, and government agencies join TCIPG to focus on the technology development, technology transition, and education and awareness that are essential for developing a resilient power grid. Visit 2013 Workshop Archives

  • Education and Outreach

    TCIPG engages with students and the public at every level from grade school through graduate school and professional development.Our education applets are classroom-ready and illustrate important concepts in mathematics and the science of electricity and the power grid.

  • TCIPG Summer School

    170+ utility and industry practitioners, researchers, and students participated in the 2013 TCIPG Summer School. The next summer school is tentatively scheduled for June 15-19, 2015.

    Visit 2013 Summer School Archives

  • Testbed Tour and Research Demos

    Tim Yardley provides a directed tour of the TCIPG Cyber-Physical Testbed at the 2013 TCIPG Industry Workshop Reception and Open House. The tour features some of the equipment used for cutting edge research in securing the smart grid.

    Watch more research demos featured during the 2013 open house.

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